Friday, April 04, 2003

Completion was reached tonight on the golfing brochure for Hypnotica and Tomic Chiropractic. You can view their websites here:

This brochure was intended to be for any golfer who wanted a better game, introducing them to chiropractic treatment and hypnosis as means of therapy and improvement of skills. I must admit, this was quite a challenge for me. I'm not an avid golfer, so I had to find a lot of the terminology out the hard way. Still, an intriguing project that I'm confident came out well.

Starting now, I intend to document my projects more thoroughly here, in the hopes that it will keep my clients informed of the progress of their work, as well as letting prospective clients know how I work and what I work on. Once I figure out this blogging thing, I'll make sure to put links up so that visitors can share in the discussion.

Since it's now VERY late - even for me - I think I'll turn in. A big Friday awaits me.

~The Blue Ferret


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