Wednesday, April 09, 2003

CommArt Chronicles, Entry #1

On this day, the eighth of April, 2003, the monthly CommArt meeting was held in Danville, California. Heretofore shall follow a journalistic expression of events unfolding upon this day for future perusal and reflection.

Attendance of the meeting was markedly different from the month prior; indeed, if the number of persons gathered to the meeting chamber gives any reflection of the conditions we employ ourselves and others in, then our spheres of commercial influence are growing. There was banter of personal and professional lives, the sharing of experience, advice, and counsel trademark of such gatherings.

We sat, in our mirrored U, and commenced the ritual of 'round-robin'. Each of us took the floor of discussion and steered it to avenues of ourselves, our occupations, and the benefits thereof to the group. Many faces graced us that had not prior done so; we in fact learned much from these willing entrants to the cooperative. There were writers, computer consultants (of both PC and Macintosh fashion), printers, graphic designers, website developers, project managers, marketing gurus, photographers and shippers. Many of some, one of others. Of note was the medical hypnotherapist, the only one of her profession to ever come amongst us. We, as always, welcomed her.

There was the familiarity of the members long frequented to this order - the few specialized writers, the popular printer, the shipping storyteller, the mapmaker, the photographers with lenses 'pon eyes and lands, the man of post with title to illustrate. Cushioned by these stalwarts, the meeting came to its fruition in light candor and a shared esteem.


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