Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I've Joined the ODF Alliance!

I went sniffing around the Web earlier today, looking for trackbacks to my sites. Lo and behold, who was on Page 1...but the Open Document Format Alliance!

ODF Alliance: About Us/Members

A couple weeks ago, I sent an email to the Alliance asking to be listed as a member. I believe in the usability of a simple, universal text format. (Especially after having worked with literally dozens of word processing programs over the past 15 years! Grrr...) It made sense to me to show a little support for an easier, friendlier standard.

I thought there'd be a big process about joining, though. Double opt-in, at least. But no, it looks like the Alliance is as open as their advocations.

Go have a look. It's fascinating stuff. Reading the Member List alone is impressive. The American National Standards Institute. IBM. Novell. OpenOffice.org (which I use for my writing). Opera. Oracle. Red Hat. Sun.

And to think, I'm right there with them!

You can be too, if you're interested in open formats. Support the ODF Alliance.

I'll have a couple prospecting tips for creative pros in a day or two! Wait and see.



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