Monday, July 24, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 7-24-06 - Flash Movie Player

With the rise of online video and open-source development, Flash is becoming the tool of choice for presentations and interactive Web applications.

You most often see Flash in the form of a movie - an SWF file played in your browser, thanks to Macromedia's most popular plugin. But viewing those SWF files outside of the browser is a lot harder - especially when you want to save some good jokes, or keep a copy of your last presentation handy.

Enter the app I almost learned programming in order to make: the Flash Movie Player. It plays Flash files without any other software (except the Macromedia Flash plugin, of course).

Personally, I love the convenience of having a separate SWF player. Stick this on your flash drive and you'll be able to check the company presentation, or the beta status of your company's new Web app.

Flash is a very versatile technology, with low hardware/software requirements. This player probably doubles its usability. Try it out.

Did I mention it's free, by the way?



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