Monday, June 26, 2006

Blue Ferret Blog Tip 6-26-06 - BlogPulse Key Phrases

Happy Monday, Ferret fans! Here's today's tip, straight from the BlogPulse Website.

BlogPulse is a blog metrics and search engine, and a darn fast one. It focuses on "trend search" - polling its blog lists for up-to-the-second keywords uses. When I checked the site today, it reported over 30 million blogs, and almost 700,000 blog posts indexed in the past 24 hours.

This RSS feed: BlogPulse Key Phrases RSS Feed gives you the day's most popular keywords (or as BlogPulse would say, "trends").

What's my reasoning for telling you this? To what end could a smorgasbord of frequently-blogged keywords be put? Why, audience research of course!

It's easy to go through the list and trace keywords back (all of them are live-linked to their search queries) through the blogs. Find out what people are talking about. Track their blogs over a period of days, and you can use what you learn to build profiles. Profiles of your target audience's members. VALUABLE.


BlogPulse is a service of Nielsen BuzzMetrics.



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