Wednesday, June 14, 2006

3 Website Content Tricks That Keep Small Business Customers Coming Back - Report PDF

As I promised! A day before I'm set to give my speech, here's the full text of:

3 Website Content Tricks That Keep Small Business Customers Coming Back.

(I've posted it on my site's Articles page, since it's quite long.)

You can also download it here in PDF: 3 Website Content Tricks PDF

For today's post, I'll expound somewhat on why I felt it necessary to write this presentation/report.

I've said before that I enjoy writing for the Web. Case studies, white papers, articles, e-blasts, newsletters, and especially website content. When it comes to the average businessperson, there isn't much difficulty in picturing the value in most of those. Newsletters put you in touch with customers. Case studies show off a particularly effective result. E-blasts make announcements and sell fast.

But website content?

It's a vague term. I say it and people go deer-in-headlights. 9 times out of 10 the first response I get is, "What's that?" They don't connect "content" to "writing." More importantly (in my mind anyway), they don't connect "writing" to "effective marketing."

Hence my presentation/report. It displays some of the strongest characteristics of website content, framed as writing, that serve to increase the effectiveness of a company's marketing efforts. There are more elements to strong website content than the 3 I've listed, but those are the ones that need to be driven home early and often.

Have a look. Take it in. Pass it around. (Get your mind out of the bong!) Writing is the gold standard of the Web. If more people learn how to use it properly, their appreciation of its power will go up. More opportunity for content writers. Better small business marketing. Happy people all around.

Coming on Friday: "The 5 Types of Web Customers" special PDF!



At 3:32 PM , Anonymous risingsunofnihon said...

I just wanted to say that the tips you gave are spot-on. I think #3 is especially important. You have to give customers a reason to come back, and you have to let them know when. The generic "check back often" simply doesn't work very well. New content posted on a regular basis does.

At 3:51 PM , Blogger Blue Ferret said...

Thanks for commenting! You make a good point - "generics" work for some medicines and food products. Not for website content. It's the online version of your company; it needs to be as unique as you.

Nice blog, by the way. I like clean interfaces and well-defined topics.


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