Monday, May 15, 2006

Announcing, The Blue Ferret Blogletter (Blog posts in your email)!

After last Monday's link collection, I went to Zookoda to sign up. Took a little tweaking, but I'm happy to announce that the Blue Ferret Blogletter is now operational!

According to Brian at Copyblogger, asking for subscriptions is the most effective way to get your blog out there. Now, thanks to Zookoda, my blog posts can show up in your inbox!

I've configured Zookoda to only send out one notice a month (I don't like lots of notices either). But here's the kicker: I've set it to show only the last 6 posts. I make at least 8 posts a month. Two posts are going to float around in the blogosphere...

To see them, you'll have to check back and find them. Oooh, the Ferrety Marketing Force is strong with me today.

Please subscribe to my blog!

P.S. - I'm not sure which topic I should address in Thursday's post. So, why not ask my readers. Which do you prefer I address this week?

"How to Dig Through Blogs for Knowledge"


"Playing with SeaMonkey - Round 2: The Browser Extras"

I'll get to both eventually; no worries there. You can email me or leave a comment here. Thanks!



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