Monday, April 24, 2006

Links for 4-24-06

I'm still working on this week's article post. But I had so many links flood into my RSS reader today that it seemed a shame to waste them all on just me.

So here's Monday's Blog Tip. Go follow the links!

Geeks and Communication Skills - NOT a Contradiction in Terms
A solid common-sense expression of why IT people are so often misunderstood when they try to communicate. Plus, some tips on what they can do about it. Read the comments too. It's not just me...thank goodness...

Rapleaf - A Feedback System for the Entire Web
Epinions, eat your heart out. TechCrunch gives us a thorough overview of RapLeaf, a fast-coming service that records feedback for individuals. They're even opening up the API, so you can build RapLeaf into your own application for better quality of service.

Given the fury we've seen over social bookmarking at places like Digg and, I'm betting RapLeaf will have a huge effect on Web business. Companies who stiff or ignore their customers, beware. You might not get away with it anymore.

Brain Games - Boost Your IQ!
Brain-teaser apps and mind-stretching games on videogame platforms. Who saw THAT coming? (Not me, I'll admit.) I do like the premise, though. There's a mystique surrounding our long-standing obsession with video games. If we can slip in programs that revv up our brains (instead of letting them sit in Park), so much the better!

Personally, I stick with Sudoku. Portable and fun. Wait, Sudoku's already available for the PC? AGH! I'll never get any work done!

Was Mario a Communist?
I always thought Mario looked a little Lenin-esque. Some light-hearted political fun for your Monday.

Copyblogger - 4 Horsemen of the Internet Apocalypse
As I said in my comment on this post (I commented! Hi Mom!), it's probably the clearest depiction of what's happening on Capitol Hill right now in the Net Neutrality problem. If you don't know what that is (or need a refresher), click the link. Net Neutrality literally affects every single person & business online. The current clash between Big Business/Government and The Public WILL affect the Web for years to come. And it WILL affect you.



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