Monday, April 17, 2006

Announcements 4-17-06 - New Site Content & Revised Update Schedule

I have two announcements to make today. Yes, there IS such a thing as good news on Tax Day.

1. There's new content on the Blue Ferret website! I've updated the Portfolio with some new samples, the Services page has longer & more precise descriptions, there's some new Home content, and two of my best blog posts are now posted as Articles.

2. The more I look, the more I have to blog about. Updating once a week is no longer enough. So starting today, the Blue Ferret Blog will update twice a week (sometimes 3 times, depending) with an early-week Tip and a later-week article. Keep your RSS reader tuned!

That's all for today (look at that, I handled the first tip). Check back later this week for this week's article! (No, I'm not sure what it will be about. But I have decided it'll be ferret-related.)



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