Monday, May 08, 2006

Links & Ferrety Commentary, 5-8-06

A few marketing/technology links for everyone today! Blue Ferret Communications, doing everything we can to help information overload.

Duct Tape Marketing - Should Small Businesses Care About Web 2.0 Marketing Tools?
John does it again. An info-packed article on Web 2.0 marketing tools. There's stuff in here I didn't know about at all!

I think Trend #3 is the one to pay attention to. Bloggers have been proven to have an impact on business. Any future online marketing must keep bloggers into mind, with tools for syndication, easy-to-link content, and respect for their growing market power.

Zookoda - Email Blog Posts to Readers
An alternative to FeedBurner, huh? Competition's good; it breeds innovation. Speaking of innovation, I'm tossing around the idea of melding a blog and a newsletter together. Easier to track, and more up-to-date. (Plus less work for me.) Maybe I could use a service like Zookoda to do that. Hmmm...thoughtness! Must make notes!

TechCrunch - RapLeaf Is Live
I don't recall signing up for an account with RapLeaf, only blogging about its individual-feedback service two weeks ago. Nonetheless, I received an email notice last week that gave me the inside scoop - RapLeaf would go live soon!
And so it did. Here she is, folks: RapLeaf - Portable Ratings for Buyers and Sellers
I'm planning on putting a "rating snippet" on here soon. Help me build up my rating when I do! (Please? I'll be good!)



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