Friday, May 12, 2006

Sudden Updates! "Being More Convincing" Research and "Copywriter's Value" Article

By Cthulhu's work ethic! When you put something out, it DOES come back!

I've got a two-part special update today. Both are about happenings from yesterday.

First, it's been less than 48 hours. But I've already had resources on Being More Convincing flung at me from the Web's far reaches.

1. A friend I emailed over something unrelated recommended a book to me:
Mind Hacks - Tips & Tricks For Using Your Brain. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy.

2. A free report popped up in my RSS lexicon. "Think Like Your Customers" - Customer I'm reading it today. It winds a little, but its no-nonsense attitude about customer value more than makes up for it.

3. I'm a longtime subscriber to Kelle Campbell's newsletter, "The Public Relations Writer." Yesterday's issue is titled, "Use Monroe's Motivated Sequence to Persuade." How more relevant to Being More Convincing could you get?! Serendipity in action!

And this is just in one day! Now I know I'll be spending the weekend digging around the Web. My brain is going to go on strike by Monday.

Second, I'm insisting that everyone go read this article:
Web Copywriter or Virtual Assistant: Who Should You Hire?

This is some of the best language on the value of Web copywriting that I've come across. Yes, I have to include my own writing in that too.

Dina Giolitto of WordFeeder, a fellow Web copywriter from across the Purple Mountains Majesties, offers an unusually-vibrant comparison between virtual assistants and copywriters. I especially like her line, "Sales are lagging and traffic is down? Summon the copywriter." Truer words were never spoken. Bravo, Dina!


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