Tuesday, June 06, 2006

(Late) Blog Tip: Finally, A Reference for "Blue!"

I'm asked time and again where I came up with the name, "Blue Ferret Communications." I like telling the story behind the three words, but I've always lacked one element.

I chose 'blue' because I'd found a list of color perceptions in business. For example, Red is seen as passionate, intense, almost furiously dedicated in the business world. Conversely, Blue is seen to represent integrity, professionalism, and good communication.

Unfortunately for me, the website that housed this color list disappeared shortly after I found it. So I had no reference point. I couldn't tell people, "Well, go to this site and you'll see what I mean."

Until now.

I give you, "Keys to Branding Your Small Business!" MarketingProfs - Keys to Branding Your Small Business

(Note: I don't think you need to be a MarketingProfs subscriber to view this, but if so, registration is free).

This article contains an excellent overall strategy for building a small business brand, and how to see the value in doing so. Best of all, about 2/3rds down the page, there's a Colors List!

No mention of Communication. But Authority and Calm? I'll take those. It still works.

The Blue Ferret is the Authority on Calm, Creative Copy Designed to Build Market Share That Trusts You!

Hey, I think I just made up a new slogan.


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