Monday, June 12, 2006

Announcements - New Presentation/Special Report

Today I'm making a couple announcements. There will be extra activity on my blog this week.

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm a member of my local B2B Gathering. Each month, two members present are given the floor for five minutes. Most talk about their businesses, field questions from other members, etc.

This week, it's my turn.

The last time I presented, I gave the Google Local speech. This time, I'm giving my newest presentation, "3 Web Content Tricks That Keep Small Business Customers Coming Back."

But don't worry, ferrety readers! You're included too. In fact, you get a bonus.

On Wednesday - the day BEFORE I'll be presenting - I will publish the report version of my speech here. In full-text and PDF form.

Then, on Friday, I'll post a special PDF, "The 5 Types of Customers You Meet on the Web." This will be an expanded version of one of my speech's major points, for quick reference. Online marketers of all stripes would do well to keep it handy.

Watch and wait, Friends of the (Blue) Ferret! You'll enjoy what's coming.

*Both of these reports are free, copyright Blue Ferret Communications. Please download and share them as you like. Altering or claiming the content is prohibited (but you knew that already).


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