Monday, October 30, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 10-30-06 - Words a Writer Should Never Use

Because I'm feeling irritated and silly today (a weird combination, believe me), I thought I'd list out a few words no self-respecting copywriter should ever use in their work. They're an ideal way to confuse readers and drive off sales. Read, have a laugh, and go back to your day.

"Growth Cycle" - We're not pod people!

"Metro-" anything that's not a big train or a pink polo - Meaning runs away from this, screaming its little head off.

"Breakthrough" - Unless you're talking about Kool-Aid replacing coffee in your workplace, forget about this one.

"Empowered" - This is how your client's employees will feel when their coffee's replaced with Kool-Aid, so be careful.

"Going Forward" - To where? They never answer that one, do they?

"Middleware" - Does anyone actually understand what this means outside of IBM?

"Sustainability" - No, I'd rather read about a product that will break in 3 weeks and ruin my carpets while it's at it. Of COURSE it's going to last a while!

"Best of Breed" - I see this one with software products a lot. I always think the same thing: Does it sit up and bark?



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