Monday, November 06, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 11-6-06 - Step Away from the Keyboard

Managing In A Technology-Driven World - WebProNews

This article makes two good points. One, really successful companies spend time with their customers, learning everything they can. Two, technology should be used to make our lives easier, not overcomplicated.

I'm making a response to the second point today's BlogTip. It's repeated all over the place, and for a good reason: it needs to be said all over the place.

Take time every day to step away from the keyboard.

Most office-related jobs now require computers. But over the course of the day, problems appear. Cramped fingers. Blurred vision. "Fuzzy head" (you know what I mean). Backache. Trains of thought slipping off the track.

One thing causes this - too much time staring at a screen. And one thing fixes it - getting up and going somewhere else.

I doubt any employer will begrudge you a 5- or 10-minute "eye/brain rest" break. (And if they do, why are you working for them?) Take a walk and have a cool drink. Or close your eyes, lean back and let all the muscles in your face relax. Think about something that relaxes you. A soothing bath, a light jog, gardening, good food, whatever.

This semi-hokey, somewhat-silly-but-valuable tip brought to you by Blue Ferret Communications.



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