Monday, July 31, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 7-31-06: The Difference Between B2C and B2B Writing

Warming up over on the East Coast, isn't it? Stay inside and stay cool, Ferrety readers.

It's also starting to warm up in the business world. Summer's winding down; soon we'll be back in get-busy season. With that in mind, today's tip covers a question often asked, rarely answered in terms of marketing.

What's the difference between writing copy for B2C, and for B2B?

(I'm talking about the main difference between the audiences. Not the little nuances that come from market segmentation.)

And the answer is...


There is no difference between writing for B2C and B2B. Why? Because in both cases, you're still speaking to a person.

Your target market can be one of a thousand audiences. But if you want to close a sale, ANY sale, you need to speak to the reader the same way each time. Answer his questions, solve his problems, and speak to his desires.

That doesn't change, regardless of him wearing a suit or a t-shirt.

Enjoy the coming week!



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At 1:06 PM , Anonymous Michael Stelzner said...

Hey Blue Ferret;

I see you have spammers on your blog. Anyhow, I would say there is a huge difference between writing Business-to-business vs. business-to-consumers.

First, the channels are different. Second the problems/concerns/needs are different. For example, selling a microwave to mothers is very different from selling microwave technology to the military. Decision cycles are much longer for businesses. Emotions are generally not in play, etc.



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