Monday, November 27, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 11-27-06 - How to Land on a Specific Title

It's been said many times. But it doesn't get any less powerful each time.

I was lying in bed Saturday night, and my mind drifted toward business. (I wasn't trying to, honest.) Since it's a common problem, my thoughts landed on what titles by which I address myself. Anyone who's been to a mixer knows the frustration that comes from this.

I say I'm a copywriter and their eyes cross.
I say I'm in communications and they start talking about cellphone headsets.
I say I'm a marketing consultant and they lambast "evil moneysucking ad agencies."

I've been trying to put together a title I know is accurate, focused, closed enough to get a concept across, and open enough to invite discussion.

Lying in bed on a Saturday night, work the farthest thing away, a title spontaneously assembled itself. It fits me to a tea.

"Web communications specialist."

So there we are. I'm a Web communications specialist. One whole concept, yet unusual enough to elicit a, "Oh! What's that mean?"

Today's BlogTip? Creating an ultra-specific title will benefit you, not limit you.

Use the criteria I listed above on your favorite niche. Accurate, focused, closed enough to get a single concept across and open enough to generate discussion. Your title will come to you. You'll be able to say, "I'm a (X)!" with confidence.

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