Thursday, May 08, 2003

Tip From The Ferret's Muzzle #1

Oftentimes I'm given a scenario and asked a 'quick question' concerning it. Usually I don't mind doing this; it's good for business and general rapport. Half the time I offer my advice, and then scribble down what I just said for future reference. I need to do this every time.

Anyway, here's today's Tip From The Ferret's Muzzle:
I classify most writing I do into two categories: marketing and informational.

Marketing writing should always make its reader think, "Ah ha!". Informational writing should always make its reader think, "Ahh, I see."

Marketing writing should prompt its reader to think this at the beginning of the document; informational writing should inspire its thought at the document's end.

Look over your projects. Do they inspire these thoughts? (Be honest now.) Have someone else do the same. Do you both agree on thinking "Ah ha!" or "Ahh, I see"? Do you both recognize the points at which you think this? If not, the writing needs to be adjusted. Send Blue Ferret Communications an email, or give us a call. Here's our website:

We'll give you an "Ah ha!" or an "Ahh, I see" in no time.


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