Monday, August 07, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 8-7-06 - The Wrong Way to Use Social Media

I was going to post my new white paper as today's BlogTip, but something zoomed across my radar this morning that begs attention:

Digg - PR Firm Hired by San Francisco to Delete Craigslist Postings?

I saw this on Digg's homepage while browsing news. Now, it didn't take long to figure out that it was a hoax. However, at the moment I saw it, it had 481 "Diggs" and 78 comments. Right now it's up to 651 "Diggs" and 83 comments!

That is what bugs me.

I keep thinking this little debacle is just like slowing to watch a car wreck, secretly hoping to see bodies. Dozens of commenters who know it's a hoax - yet hundreds of people decided to vote for it. They parade it around like an injured dog on a stick.

Social media, if we're not careful, will turn into another pit of human ridicule, a cesspool for our lowest instincts to flow rampantly.

Today's BlogTip? Be mindful of what you say and where you are. Social media sites may have a fleeting short-term memory, but is this really the kind of follow-the-crowd you want to be associated with?

P.S. - The new Blue Ferret White Paper, "What's the Value of a Freelance Copywriter vs. a Staff Writer?" will be posted tomorrow.


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