Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blue Ferret CommChannels, Issue 1: What Readers Get Out of It

I know some of my readers have NOT subscribed to my newsletter (shame-shame). As of this morning, the first issue went out. 30% open rate in 6 hours. I'll consider that a pretty good return.

CommChannels 1 talks about what the reader will get from the coming issues. So no one will miss this very important issue, I'm reposting it on my blog.

Subscription Link:
A Slimmer, Simpler Newsletter: What to Expect in CommChannels

To illustrate why I started CommChannels, and how its content benefits you, let me take you through its tagline. Like it says, it'll only take 3 minutes. In fact, let's start there.

1. The 3 Minutes Part
Marketing pieces have to punch their message through skepticism in a very short number of words, every time. This is especially true of Web marketing. The average person reads 200 words a minute off a computer screen, but can lose interest in a matter ofseconds.

Useless factoid, you say? How about when I tell you none of my main articles will exceed 600 words? I'll even include the word count each time.

That means they'll only take 3 minutes to read. 3 minutes is nothing when you're making yourself a stronger writer and a better marketer, is it? Plus, I'll be demonstrating how strong a marketing message needs to be to keep customers' attention. Educational AND fun!

2. Clearer Writing
Most of my topics will be about writing. I'm a firm believer in the educating your customers philosophy, both for my marketing and in my clients' projects. Besides, the more educated writers we have (let's face it, we all have to write sometime), the clearer the business world and the Web will be.

3. Stronger Marketing
Marketing projects should benefit the company, not drain its resources. I'm structuring my newsletter so reading it gives you valuable, relevant information. No time wasted here. Think of it this way: You don't look very busy, Reynolds.
I'm reading a newsletter that'll help our marketing, boss.
Oh. Hey, could you forward that to me?

Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

4. Graphics-FreeAnother thing like many of you, I don't like getting newsletters that throw huge graphics at you. Or that look like an Escher sketch if you turn the formatting off. So, every Blue Ferret CommChannels newsletter will be in basic HTML only. No graphics, no special formatting. Straight text, like all good copy should be.

I want CommChannels to become one of the newsletters people anticipate. A resource they can rely on for improving themselves. And since the list makes the newsletter, I'm always interested in what you want to read about. Here's my business email: If you have suggestions or a topic request, email me. We'll build CommChannels together.

There's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm going to let it go.

Next month: the Four Main Objections all marketing must overcome!

Word Count: 424 (See? Told you.)

In the future, my newsletter and my blog will work together as a complete Blue Ferret marketing platform. My intent is to fully display the value of clear, informative copy to my clients and colleagues. Join know you want to...

Here's that subscription link again:



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