Monday, December 18, 2006

Blue Ferret BlogTip 12-18-06 - Things Writers Should Be Aware of in 2007

Like many of you, I'm taking next week off. And since the end of the year approaches rapidly, I decided to focus this week on planning for 2007.

First, let me put down some links dealing with trends awareness. If you want to plan for a new year, it pays to get a sense of where to look. Some things I think writers/marketing consultants should be aware of include open source, business moving into the social/virtual sphere, and proliferating information sources. I've put a couple example links below:

Open Source Industry Growing -
Pretty thorough overall introduction to the open source industry here: Open source is gaining traction. Now it has to find market niches. Hello, marketing materials!

Business Moving Further Into Social Spheres -
IBM investing in Second Life. I predict opportunities will abound in this business/social meshing for 2007.

Improved Sources of Information -
New Digg Adds Podcasts, Videos, Top 10 to Info Listings:
Blog and Social Search Engines Growing: * *
Tons of new/improved ways to find customer information. And they're GIVING it away!

Wednesday I'll talk about - *cue dramatic music* - New Year's Resolutions. Check back then!


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