Thursday, December 07, 2006

I Say Blogs Strengthen the Web - One of Duct Tape's 500 Posts

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing posited an interesting challenge last night.

He's asked for 500 blog mentions of his new book, of the same title as his business. I'm looking forward to it (though I haven't pre-ordered mine yet - holiday budget and all).

While I'm of course happy to answer John's call for action, I want to throw in my own viewpoint.

He mentioned in his announcement that his publishers didn't believe blogging was an effective platform for selling a book. Like John himself, I vehemently disagree. Blogging not effective? Blogging amazes me all the time with how powerful it is!

One small example I've had came at the beginning of this year, when I blogged about Wiki service sites. I detailed my query here, and the surprising reply I had the very next day!.

While I ultimately chose another option than Stikipad, I was very impressed not only by its services, but the friendliness Matt displayed in our email conversation. It remains a shining example of how easy blogs make it to connect out there on the Web. How strongly interwoven blogs are into major websites like AOL, CNET and Google only further demonstrates their power.

Blogs are how I found out about Duct Tape Marketing in the first place!

I've been working on two fiction novels these past few months. Progress is going amazingly well, and I'm learning a ton about how to stick to a long-term schedule. I plan to use this knowledge for my business books, when their turn comes up. And yes, I've planned on using blogs to promote all of my books. I anticipate maintaining my own blog network for all my books after I retire.

There's my five cents (hey, inflation can be nasty). Best of success to you, John!



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