Monday, February 19, 2007

Find More Clients with Jigsaw - Blue Ferret BlogTip 2-19-07

As we all know, one of the biggest problems in lead generation is finding names. Rented lists only go so far, and networking wears on us after a while. In the past I've blogged about using Web services like Google Local to find valuable contacts. Now I'm adding another such service to the self-promo arsenal. is a website with the slogan, "Buy and Trade Business Contacts." The idea of trading your contacts for others you might need seems novel, and quite possibly very successful. But I took the most notice of the free Find Contacts page.

If you want a series of names by industry or region, just click Find Contacts and enter some criteria. Very straightforward. My initial search, with 5 criteria governing specific industries and my state, sent back over 125 contacts!

Jigsaw has free and pay memberships. $25/month seems a bit high to me, but I suppose that's balanced out from the large contacts database Jigsaw makes available. (Beats renting a big non-relevant list, too.)

Try adding to your lead generation efforts. One more source of leads for your business can't hurt, now can it?

UPDATE: Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw, emailed me this morning to thank me for the mention. Jim, you're very welcome! I'm always glad to mention sites I think will make a difference in the Web business world.



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