Monday, February 05, 2007

Blue Ferret BlogTip 2-5-07 - Why You Should Use 2+ Web Stats Providers

I've used StatCounter and Performancing to track both my blog and my website for a while now. Both have excellent detail. But recently, Performancing's RSS feed showing my stats went kaput. I don't know why, but I suspect it has something to do with their recent troubles.

I've been very grateful for having StatCounter as a backup. It's made me consider the wisdom of having more than one provider for site statistics. But why add a second or third stats provider if you've already got one? Given what's happened with Performancing, I can think of a couple reasons:
  • If one hiccups, fails or goes under you still have records from the other (like the Performancing issue).

  • One can catch what the other misses.

  • If you look at the same statistics from two different perspectives, you might find a surprising new market to focus on.
These are just a couple reasons. Any more? Post them!

(P.S. - I mean no disrespect to Performancing in this example. For the time I was able to get stats from them, I found them detailed and prompt. If anything, I'm saddened by the disruption.)



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