Monday, January 29, 2007

Blue Ferret BlogTip 1-29-07 - Some Things Social Networking Proves

Social networking. It's been called the Web's true form, the ultimate collaboration, the universal conversation, etc. I'm not even going to try picking one. Whatever it truly "is" I'll leave up to the historians.

Instead, I'd like to muse on a few things the social networking phenomenon proves. (These are from a writer's perspective, of course.) Simple, basic truisms brought about by this wildfire evolution online. I don't know what kind of value these may bring about for the Web, but I'd like to think putting them out there will help someone.

Social Networking Proves:
  • People want to connect, to communicate meaning.

  • It confirms the Web as a text-based medium at its core.

  • Writers, marketers & consultants have more avenues for research than ever.

  • People want to share what's important to them, and receive acknowledgement.

  • Ask. You will receive an answer.

As was said in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?" - Ponder that for a while.


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