Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Productivity Links for January 17th 2007

I have absolutely no idea what I want to write about today. So I'll take the escapist route and post some links from my favorite websites.

Run Ubuntu on Windows Systems
I didn't think there would be an easier way for Linux virgins to experience the OS...until now.
What I especially like about this is the automatically-installed option of switching into Linux at boot. Switching operating systems at boot is very intimidating for the computer-wary. Now that worry's gone. Well done (again), Ubuntu Project!

P.S. - BACK UP YOUR PC FIRST if you try this! I'm not responsible (nor is Lifehacker) for cases of "What happened?!"

Web Workers Daily - The Procrastinator's Clock (application)
How evil. I like it. When subtle tricks don't help you fight the demon of Prok-rastin-a-shun, try this out.

As a bonus, if you work online and you don't read Web Worker Daily, start. At least 90% of the posts made there I find relevant to my situation as an Internet communications professional. Here's the RSS feed:

Nick Usborne: How many "best web copywriters in the world" Are There?
The eminent Mr. Usborne makes yet another powerful point - not everyone can be "the best." I'm good, but I freely admit I'm not the best Web copywriter in the world. That way I have a place to grow toward!

The Little Book of Flow
I found this gem a while back, but kept forgetting to include it here. "The Little Book of Flow" talks about thinking, the choices we make, how we see the world and how to find our place in it. An easy read, and filled to overflowing with perspectives you might not have thought of before. For anyone who wants a richer, more satisfying life, I highly recommend sitting down to read.



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