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Blue Ferret CommChannels, Issue 2: The 4 Main Marketing Objections




Welcome back to CommChannels! You're receiving this month's issue a week early for a very simple reason. Like most of you, I'm taking next week off. Computer – off. Schedule – closed. Mental activity level – minimal.

To my colleagues, friends and everyone else who's reading – may you have a safe and cheerful holiday.

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The 4 Main Objections All Marketing Must Overcome

We've all waffled on a purchase. The pitch wasn't very good, you're debating alternatives, whatever. When you're on the selling end of a business deal though, waffling is fatal. Successful marketing triumphs over indecision, and does it in a way that the buyer feels good about it.

Let's examine four objections marketers encounter – all of which are no doubt familiar. Typically, the techniques to respond to them work equally well in either a face-to-face deal-closing meeting, or on your website.

1. I Don't Have the Money

If he didn't, you wouldn't be talking with him. He needs something to tip him over the fence. Numbers work great here. Prepare calculations beforehand on how your product/service increases their ROI. Whip them out if a money objection comes up.

This exact approach also works in website content. Numbers and words back each other up, fostering trust in what they reveal. If you reveal a concrete boost in ROI from your product, Objection #1 goes shallow.

2. I Don't Have the Time (to implement, to retrain, to handle problems)

Chances are he has the time, but he can't see it. His mind is focused on how much time his workday already takes up. He's not considering the time regained from everyday tasks by implementing your solution.

Use questions to find out about how he does things now. Probe. Ask questions you might consider silly, i.e. “How much time do your managers spend chasing after employees for status updates each week?” He'll either start to realize they have lots of time, or he'll blurt out the real reason he's objecting.

3. I Want to Think About It

He's already made up his mind, yes or no. What you must figure out is which one. Be careful - he might not even know.

If yes, he wants something more from you. A bonus, a special deal, etc. If you want the deal, offer him whatever you have. Many information product marketers online use “bonus books” - free gifts relative to their topic – to encourage sales.

If no, he's trying to escape and “be polite.” (I could debate how polite leading others on is, but I'm limited to 600 words.) Best way to tell this is if he gets anxious. Try to save the sale if you can by offering a special deal or asking if something more could be done to satisfy him. But it might not work.

4. I Need to Run It By So-and-So First

There's a question you need to ask yourself here. Have you been talking to a non-decision-maker, or is he passing the buck?

Ask if he could arrange a conversation with So-and-So, as soon as possible. Offer to stick around, if necessary. If he waffles, he's probably the decision maker and has a different reason to object. Doing this will help bring it out.

Another way to fish for approval is to ask if there would be any other obstacles were you to eliminate the original, or got approval from the decision-maker. This way you've covered the given objection. Now it's his turn to approve, list the 'real' objection, or decide to buy.

Most of these objections, as you've seen, are basically excuses for feeling hesitant. Nothing wrong with that, but you'll need to respond to the objection before you can answer the real problem. Anticipating all of these objections in your website content will make it a stronger piece with a bigger pull.

Next month – 6 Things to Check Before You Send That E-Blast

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