Monday, January 08, 2007

Blue Ferret BlogTip 1-8-07 - Companies I'd Like to Work With in 2007

Since it's a new year, I thought I'd list a few industries I'm looking to work with in my 2007 marketing plan. Haven't before, but I'd love to try them out. Mostly due to my personal interest in their topics.

Also, these are all industries projected to experience significant growth/attention in the coming year. All the better for me, huh? And for you. Good writers share. Consider adding these industries to your prospect lists for the coming months too. There's a lot of potential in these burgeoning industries - and they'll all need to communicate that potential.

--Alternative Energy Research/Production Companies: Necessity, the mother of invention. By now everyone has an idea about oil prices and the need for alternative fuels. The sheer variety of existing alternatives means this industry will have stiff competition for investments and market share.

--Open Source Software Firms: Open Source's growth staggers me. Every time I go to LinuxWorld I'm amazed not only at the spread of companies, but of how many people go there. The market potential can only improve.

--Alternate-Press Publishers: With RSS, podcasting and webinars breaching the mainstream, niche presses have more audiences. But they have to work harder to get past the junk. That's where Web communication specialists like me come in.

--Biotech: A while back I knew a photographer who started dabbling in biotech images. I never heard from her again - she got so busy she stopped coming to meetings. With recent advances in the science, such as with stem-cell research, I believe biotech will rapidly diversify.

Take a look at these industries in your area. Are you missing profit sources you could easily step into? Also, know any burgeoning industries positioned for big growth in 2007? Drop a comment and let's all share what we know.



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