Thursday, October 16, 2003

October 16th, 2003 - FUN FERRET FACT #1!

Squeakings to you! Here's a new idea I've been thinking of adding to my business - a cute little diversionary tidbit of information to break up your day, put a smile on your face, and actually learn something you'll probably never use outside of a cocktail party. So, I present the very first FUN FERRET FACT!

FFF 1: The family Mustelidae, the animal kingdom group to which the ferret belongs, is the largest group of carnivores in the entire world. It boasts a membership of 65 species! A few of the ferret's cousins are the weasel, the mink, the otter, the mongoose, the skunk, and even the wolverine!

I hope you enjoyed today's Fun Ferret Fact. Plans are underway to provide our clients with a regular newsletter, in which we'll be sure to deliver all these Fun Ferret Facts to our clients right in the middle of their busy workday! Hey, can you think of a better reason for a break at 2 PM?

-Chris Williams "The Blue Ferret"


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