Monday, March 21, 2005

Follow-ups and Headaches

Okay, so it's Monday. You're up early, you've got the fire, all set to tackle the day's tasks and get them out of the way (so you can go do something you'll enjoy even more), right?

Hello, Mr. Headache.

Out of the blue, I go from sitting at my desk typing out follow-up emails to crouching on the floor holding a cold washcloth to my cranium. Boom, out of nowhere. It's like there's a panicked ferret in my head that got teleported in there and wants out.

I can't focus on anything. Several hours slip away while I try to either combat against or rest away the headache. Finally, I can see well enough to get back to work. With at least half the workday gone, I scramble to get some things done. Luckily my follow-up list is not long today, so completion is not beyond my reach. To my surprise, I get a response back from said follow-ups almost immediately! So, to show my appreciation for their communication, I'm going to post their site link. Thank you very much, Ron from Packaging Solutions West.

Now, off to read a few blogs, and then head to a local party. Look for more ferrety drivel tomorrow!


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