Sunday, March 13, 2005

Google Endorses Copywriting!

Hey, everybody uses Google anyway, right? Fast, free, relevant. Well, businesspeople do as well. Google is heavily used by B2B product/service buyers to find those products & services they need. Google is also saying, in their own search methods, what I (and a host of other copywriters across the nation) have been saying for years. What is that? First, a bit of background., a well-respected industry source for all things marketing, did a study of these B2B buyers a few months ago. They culled 5 lessons from their results - 5 that should be read by anyone and everyone who wants search engine-driven traffic to their site (and isn't that just about everyone on the Web?).

Okay, time to tell you what Google's saying? You can find it in those lessons. Here's the kicker - you want to know what #4 is?


The fourth lesson details how copywriting can be used to improve clickthroughs and customer retention through use of significant keywords in your site's descriptor and eye-catching titles. That's Google, folks. THE search engine for the Web. One of the Web's most important tools, period, hands down. And they're saying that the copy they use for their indexing (which is seen by their searchers) is key to who clicks and who doesn't.

Those few words that every searcher sees on their Google ranking make the difference. They get maybe three seconds of attention from a potential prospect, so they have to haul them in fast. Are YOU going to stuff some drivel in there, with words like, "blah blah industry leader blah blah 10,000 happy customers blah blah we know we're the right choice?" Or are you going to grab your customer right from under Google's nose with a few snappy lines that speak to your customer's needs? For example, "Total cost to you: Less time, less expense. Total benefit to you: 20% jump in sales." Honestly, which would you rather click on?

Trust Google. They say copywriting makes or breaks the businesses they index. Wouldn't you rather make it?

You can find the article here at

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