Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Voila! Completely new BFC main site!

Blue Ferret Communications: Let us ferret out the right words for your business!

So what's this, version 3? 4?

"Dammit Chris, you know you're going to lose your SEO ranking every time you redo your site, don't you?" Yes, that's mostly true...but if the ranking's low already, why NOT redo it? I'm a writer, we're supposed to write.

I hated the old content on there; I didn't think it accurately portrayed my specialties and experience. So, coupled with some new CSS, I've completely revamped my site. New samples, new content, testimonials, and (as is evident here), new use of my blog.

In the future I will use this blog not only for company updates and information I come across, but for posting of my newsletter archives so that everyone can access them later.

For those of you who've just stumbled across my little cybercorner, welcome! This is the blog of Chris Williams, principal of Blue Ferret Communications (sometimes referred to as 'The Blue Ferret Guy'). I'm a freelance copywriter; I help companies communicate with and sell to their customers through informative and punchy copy on such projects as newsletters, brochures, sales sheets, web content, and even blogs like this one! How do I do this, you ask? You'll have to come back soon to find out...


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