Monday, August 01, 2005

Communication, Business Blogs And Things That Go "Whrrrrrrrrr"

Two links today, two topics.

Japanese Develop 'Female' Android
I find this to be extraordinary for two reasons. The first is, of course, the leap made in recognition and robotics. An android that is intentionally designed to act and react like a human - and can actually do it!

The second is the unique reaction to 'her.' She can communicate with humans, and respond to their requests. But what's amazing is that she can fool some people into thinking she's human! Granted, the creator says it's only for a few seconds. But remember the old saying, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression?"

Anyone who interacts with this Repliee Q1Expo android, and is fooled at first into thinking she's human, is going to have the first impression, "She's human." Even when the truth is revealed, that impression stays. It colors the perceptions from there on in, quite possibly making a big positive change in how people will address and interact with androids like Repliee Q1Expo.

This is what I find so astounding about Repliee Q1Expo. She foments human-to-technology communication on a level only thought of until now. She's a big opportunity for studying how we communicate with technology, and by inference, how we communicate with each other. And even better, how to improve those communications.


Now, more along the lines of my copywriting work, I present a thoroughly useful article on business blogs: Corporate Blogging Made Simple

Fair warning, you will need to register on MarketingPower to read this article. But registration is free, and their newsletter is a thorough digest of headlines and articles. Like this one.

Don't let the title fool you - it's more than a step-by-step lesson on corporate blogs. It talks about everything from the technology behind blogs, to naming conventions, to RSS and blog promotion. It's a great all-around introduction to those new at business blogs, and a nice refresher for those of us already "wading through the swamp."

"Corporate Blogging Made Simple" is a helpful primer on corporate blogging, and is detailed enough to catch a lot of those little questions people think of, but don't voice for some reason or another. If you're interested in starting a company blog, or have one that's just sitting there whining, "Post to me..." then take a look here.


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