Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Productive Week

So far it's been a very productive week!

On Tuesday I spoke with another referral from Gary Chang, and had a pleasant conversation about what sounds like a good project brewing over there (they're a specialty-foods manufacturer; I couldn't resist the pun). They have an ambitious timetable too, which I heartily appreciate, because it means everybody's focused, on point, raring to go. I'll be calling back tomorrow to (hopefully) set up a project meeting.

Today I gave my presentation at Rick Silva's B2B Gathering meeting, to a surprisingly light audience. The group's attendance was about half of what it normally pulls in. Rick said a lot of people were sick, or on vacation. Unfortunate, but understandable. I presented using a reworked version of the Google Local article I posted here a few weeks ago (direct-linked here if you missed it). I got it to 5 minutes EXACTLY, which I'm quite proud of, between you & me!

And, I sent off web content for one of my clients this week! I'll be calling tomorrow to gauge the client's impressions, but I think it came out very well for what he wanted - a straightforward, informative front end for a niche insurance specialist.


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