Monday, June 27, 2005

We get reminders in the oddest ways, don't we?

I was heading out to Oakland today, to get my fictitious name statement published (yes, I didn't have it already, bad Blue Ferret). While driving on 580, I suddenly heard a tremendous boom, like a cannon being fired off. The left rear tire of the water van (Arrowhead, I think) directly to my right had blown, and violently too. I watched a big strip of rubber sheer off and tumble down the street.

Gave me a big shock, to be sure! The driver pulled off to the shoulder quickly and wasn't hurt. It made me wonder, though - how do those big heavy tires blow like that, and little ones like my Toyota's keep on going? It's not like I take stellar care of my tires.

I suppose the good that came out of this little episode was that I made an appointment for a tune-up and maintenance check for my Toyota. It hasn't been checked in a while, and I think this served as an, *ahem* "explosive" reminder.


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