Friday, June 17, 2005

Postal Work - That One Part of Business We All Take for Granted (And Shouldn't!)

Every now and then I'm reminded of how useful the Postal Service still is.

While most of my communications occur via phone and emails, I can't send contracts that way. I'm sure stuffing a contract into a cellphone would just result in some burned-out transistors. I COULD send them by email, but contracts require signatures. My clients would have to print them out, sign them, mail them back for my signature, and then I'd have to resend them one back.

Way too many steps. Much easier to print out two copies here, sign them myself, mail them out, and include a SASE. Much fewer steps that way, it's no big effort on my part, and the clients don't have to do as much. Everybody's happy! And it's all thanks to the Postal Service. So here's a raised glass for all of you guys. You do good work, and it IS appreciated.


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