Friday, May 13, 2005

Oooh, Friday the 13th...

How many people actually know WHY Friday the 13th is considered a bad day (outside of some masked guy trying to kill you)? I looked around and found a site that offers lots of information on this diabolical day:
Snopes on Friday the 13th

The week's sure raced by! I've kept up some contact with prospects, and talked to a couple old colleagues I haven't seen for a while. Haven't had much time for cold calls, but I'm making up for it by compiling new, more comprehensive lists.

One thing I do like about the Bay Area - cities are interchangable. Calls not working in one city? Switch to another! We've got over 50 cities in a 50-mile radius over here. I can jump from city to city, industry to industry, whatever I feel like that day.

Okay, back to list-compiling! Another week to plan for.


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