Friday, April 29, 2005

Bad (blue) Ferret!

I haven't done a single cold call this week.

Why? Been way too busy.

Now, that's a good thing (despite the long nights), but I'm still a little peeved with myself. Cold-calling may not be the most enjoyable activity, but it's a time-honored method of getting clients. I want to keep up a regular schedule of cold calls - it's not like I'd run out of prospects, sitting in the SF Bay Area like I do - but that scheduling's the biggest hassle.

In other news, part of the reason I've been busy is that I had a meeting with a prospective client this week! A very friendly design group in Sausalito called Design Center Solutions. We went over several of their products, including an online training program called Training Space with a LOT of potential. It's clear everyone there is an experienced professional in their field, and I'm sure I'll learn a great deal from them in the course of working together.

Right, back to scheduling! See you all next week!


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