Tuesday, April 05, 2005

We Regret To Inform You...

Sorry, there will be no calling today.

Yes, I know, all you businesses out there are in desperate need of a writer to swoop in and save your Web projects and marketing collateral from the dreaded circular file (*insert B-movie dramatic background music!*). But the truth is, I just can't call today.

Why? I have a very sore throat.

My vacation last week was in a region that has substantially drier air than the air where I am currently. The humidity change sometimes provokes a dry throat. This time, however, it just got nasty. Yesterday I croaked a lot, but I felt okay enough to make some calls and catch-ups. Today however, I woke up feeling like someone had sprayed me with asbestos during my sleep.

So, rather than subject marketing & communications directors to a voice on their phones that sounds like a frog with emphysema, I'll forego the calling today and work on trying to improve for tomorrow. There is a tradeshow Wednesday that I will be at, and I'll need to talk up a storm! At least, one without a lot of rumbling thunder!


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