Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ferreting Through Tax Forms

I was given a very valuable piece of information yesterday, during my first round of follow-up cold calling. (To those of you who did respond positively, and found your way here, thank you for being courteous & responsive.)

During my calls, I spoke with an employee at a CPA firm, asking to speak to his boss, my contact. He told me that his firm was so busy right now that he was sure his boss would not want to talk to me. Tax season. In fact, no CPA would likely have the time to talk to me. The gentleman was very apologetic for his rebuff, but I wasn't offended in the slightest by his honesty. In fact, I saw a unique opportunity on the horizon of his words.

Tax season IS upon us. For the next few weeks, people are going to be scrambling to CPAs, tax prep firms like H&R Block, and their kitchen tables with loads of papers and forms that would intimidate Hercules (but a guy with glasses and lots of record books can get through them - must be some reverse-psychology thing). What does this mean for business in general, and copywriters specifically?

Spending will soon be up!

People get refunds from tax returns. When they do, they overwhelmingly tend to spend it. Luxury items, the car's leaky oil pan, pay off a credit card...it's all spending. Great for the economy, and great for businesses who know to position themselves right in front of the droves of spenders. For copywriters, this means short-term promotions and economic indicators that will give rise to patterns throughout the rest of the year.

So, to all you writers & marketers out there, charge up your phones and get ready for April 16th! To all you businesses out there, get the marketing material out and hold it like the bow of a ship against the tides of customers!

What, you don't have marketing material ready for them to devour? Quick, email the Blue Ferret! We've got to ferret out some words for the hordes of spenders!

P.S. - Yes, I already did my taxes. It's easy to do when you somehow wind up paying just the right amount of tax during the year anyway.


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