Sunday, April 03, 2005

A brief absence

AGH! I didn't update! Sorry, sorry. Last week was a break I took, and so was not even in the office for Wednesday through Friday. Monday and Tuesday were productive calling days, though. I'm very pleased with the responses I got, and look forward to getting more this coming week. I'm a little behind schedule on my follow-ups, but it shouldn't be too hard to catch up.

I suppose I didn't vacation ENTIRELY - I attended a Chamber of Commerce mixer Thursday evening. It was a smaller mixer, in both attendance and location. The place was very cramped; people were finding crevices and hallways to expand into. I wound up doing what I've coined "the mixer walk," where you hold your arms flat to your sides, turn a shoulder toward the onslaught of humanity, and shuffle side-to-side like a mechanical crab. It works, though people looked at me funny. However, that could have been due to my ferrety mascot, Bloo, being in my pocket.

I did notice one thing that puzzled me - an inordinately high number of mortgage brokers and consultants. It was not my impression that such an industry was so booming it needed dozens of these agents within one demographic. I must be wrong, and if so, best of luck to all of you!

There was information exchange, a few possible projects...and I met another writer (yay!), with whom I'm sure I'll speak about business later. Evidently I'm much more technical than she, and she deals in some industries I'm not very good in. So, an equitable exchange of work seems already in place!

That's all for now - I'm off for a jog to try to shake off this lethargy brought on by Daylight Savings Time.


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