Sunday, April 10, 2005

Blogging Mini-Case Study

(Darn Blogger wouldn't let me post all day Friday!)

The more I read, the more I become fascinated by blogging. Not so much the aspect of content that I (always) enjoy, but more the institution of communication it foments. People take a simple, almost-universal platform and transform it like a Rubik's cube until it meets their communications ideal.

Back in January I consulted with an East Bay IT support firm. The first client on their agenda was a moderate-sized company (about 20-25 employees) who had severe communications problems with their customers AND between departments! It involved financial trade values and rates - numbers constantly fluctuating. They needed a platform that would centralize all their information, make it easy to update, and allow for notices to be sent to customers when rates changed.

What did I suggest? A blog.

It was the first time I'd suggested a blog as a solution, but it fit perfectly. Centralized medium (the Web), easy to update by anyone (posts), customers can be notified at once (email blasts or RSS feeds). Boom! Problem solved. I'm not sure how they're doing now, but the idea was VERY well-received.

And here I am, talking on a blog to you. Now you've read a mini-case study, gained a bit of information, and possibly recognized some of the versatility of this fascinating medium. Isn't that what communication is about?

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