Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I believe this is called an "Ah HA! Moment"

I was reading an article from Michael Masterson's Early to Rise newsletter yesterday evening (if you don't know who he is, Masterson is considered a Hercules of modern marketing - go to EarlytoRise.com at once and sign up. The newsletter benefits ALL businesses), and he said something in there that got my attention. He was talking about how he makes all his emails address only one idea. Good advice, and a good practice.

What got me thinking was the fact that I have several prospects asking about brochures right now, and I thought, "Couldn't this one-idea-only be applied to a brochure?" Sure, brochures must convey a good amount of information about a product, service or company in only a few thin pages. But shouldn't they be built around one overarching idea?

Hence, I came up with my new mantra for brochures: "Say one thing, and say it well."

What does this mean? It means there should always be one idea behind every word on a brochure. If it's for a one-man shop just starting out, that idea's going to be, "Here's why I'm the man to see for this particular service." If it's a corporate division overview, the idea will be, "All our employees work toward producing this particular value for our company." You get the picture. (If not, email me and I'll explain).


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