Monday, April 18, 2005

Proofreed You Writign

I'm going to pass on a very useful link for the time-crunched in business (that's just about everyone!)
How to Proofread Your Writing

One thing I particularly like about this article is that it emphasizes the inability of spell check to catch certain grammatical mishaps people commonly do. Like the their/they're/there problem. I frequently encounter the your/you're problem too, and despite all my protests, people actually think the words are totally interchangeable!

Spell check can't and won't catch everything. It's an automation; it only catches what it knows to catch. Anything above it, beyond it, or simply outside of it will get passed by, and you'll be left with a document that has glaring errors in it. Not the best mark of professionalism if you hand your boss a memo that says, "Your invited to the company picnic next month. Their will be hot dogs, games..."

Proofreading is just as important as writing. It's way too easy to miss something, and have it come back to bite you. Print out your document and go over it. Ask someone else to take a look and see what jumps out. Hire a proofreader if it's a big document, or you have other priorities.

(P.S. - Yes, the title screw-ups are intentional. I'm messing with your heads...all of them, man!)


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