Monday, May 09, 2005

Pleasant Emails

I got some very pleasant work-related emails over the weekend. One was from a fellow writer in the Bay Area, seeking to glean some information from a colleague. Gratified that someone DOES see me as a colleague, I was happy to help. He already has a very illustrious client lined up - a great portent for his career!

Another was from Peter Bowerman, the author of the "Well-Fed Writer" books that spurred me into freelancing in the first place, some four years ago (has it been THAT long??). I'd emailed him about submitting an article idea to his monthly newsletter, the Well-Fed E-Pub (find out about it here), and he gave me the go-ahead for it. Not to worry folks, I will be posting the article here as well, once it's complete. IF anyone's out there to read it, of course!

What's it about? Uh-uh, have to wait and see! (Besides, I'm working here. It's busy!)


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