Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Links today!

"Marketers Shift Ad Spending To Online" - Antone Gonsalves, on InternetWeek. Here's a trend I like - more online advertising. Real stuff, the ads that actually TELL you something, instead of shoving flashy banners in your face. I've clicked on a few AdSense ads myself - targeted advertising DOES work, if you take the time and make the effort to create something informative and not be pushy.

"Easy ways to entice the right people to your website" - Daegan Smith, on Web Design Library. If you've got a website, you have to promote it. No two ways about that. This article's an excellent summary of the "big" ways to do it.

AND! Today I'm doing something I've not done before - posting a link to a design firm I have NOT contacted yet: Ruff Haus Design, in San Diego. The reason I'm posting this is because they have a dog-themed website that's very quick and clean. The theme is extremely consistent, very light-hearted, and makes me smile on every page. They have cute dogs, what's not to like?

I can just picture one of their employees sitting at his desk, hammering stuff out on those keyboards, meeting deadlines, reaching for coffee...and then he stops and looks down. There's a big lab's head on his lap, looking up at him with that "Pet meeee" look.


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