Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Int@rWeb, it draws me iiiiinnnnnn.........

While this article may be titled, "Internet connects freelancers to faceless clients," I think it's much more positive than its title suggests. Faceless clients, ooooh, sitting up high in shadow, booming voices saying, "We need this done by next week!"

Naah. Much nicer than that.

The fact of the matter is (and this is something the article above says very well), it no longer matters where you base yourself. Freelancers, independent consultants, turnkey teams, and more can work with just about anyone, just about anywhere.

To tell you the truth, I really like the idea of a 'faceless client.' Not because of its more sinister overtones (though horror movies are a great passtime for me), but because it makes the project flow more smoothly. Phone calls are fast, emails are faster. Project gets done without wasting time on travel, meetings, mailings.

I also prefer it because, I admit it, I can be very shy in some situations. Walking into corporate boardrooms to basically request a signature on a contract was never my strong suit. But on the Web, I can send off proposals by email, get confirmations by phone, even negotiate over IM! No leaving the office. That's what I call efficiency in communication.


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