Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who You Know AND What You Know Pays

Today goes to show you that patience IS a value.

I spent the bulk of the day on the road, as a favor to my grandmother, to ferry my brothers from their home to hers for their annual week-long summer stay. So of course, I got no work done. I planned for that, though!

But I get back, and I've got voicemail. It's Gary, the web developer I'm working with to get the two insurance brokers' websites done. He's calling me about...ANOTHER potential client! Much bigger one, too, and very technical (which I love doing, having been an IT administrator for years).

He needed to bid for it, and wanted to grab a quick quote from me to put in the bid. I think I messed that up a bit, but I made sure I used my referral rate and got him his information. I wished him luck too, for the both of us. Just from what he told me, it sounds like a perfect client for me - very technical stuff, lots of information needed, good developer to work with, reputable company.

Can't go wrong there! Now, let's hope we get the bid, eh?


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