Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Quest! A Quest! In Search of the REAL Blue Ferret

I received an email during the night from a Joanne at the Ferret Corner Shelter in Arizona (here's there website), saying that blue ferrets DO exist!

She says they are angora ferrets, and very rare. Angora ferrets are typically known by their much longer fur, looking almost like a mustelid poodle. Here's some information on angora ferrets: Ferret-Universe on Angoras

This intrigues me greatly. According to Joanne, such animals as Blue Ferrets actually exist (without putting a shiny object in a can of blue paint, at that). So, this means I must find one! A picture, at least. Copywriters must be honest and back their words up with evidence; I can't do any less for my own mascot! (Besides, he's lonely.)

Thank you Joanne, for pointing this out to me. Today begins my Quest for the Blue Angora Ferret!


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