Friday, July 08, 2005

Radio-Based Broadband - Great New "Wave" of Communication!

As a writer with all sorts of fun specialties, communication is absolutely vital in all its forms. So, I'm always interested in learning about new ways to communicate, new ideas on improving existing communications, what have you. Also, being from a tech background, I keep an ear to the ground about advances in hi-tech.

So I was very glad to see both these interests recognized in an article I received by newsletter last night:
New Radio-Based Wireless Broadband

This article talks about a new use of those ever-present radio waves - piggybacking a weak signal on them to carry broadband transmissions. If continued, this would solve a lot of expensive transmission problems - getting broadband out to rural areas, making it easier and cheaper to get online just about anywhere, you name it.

Plus, radio waves are less harmful than the transmissions made by other wireless tech (we've all heard that using the cellphone too much = microwaved braaaains). I'm all for keeping my brain cells raw and functioning.

Hearing about a better, longer-reaching mode of communication is a great way to end the week, in my book. I'll keep on this new tech, to find out more about how it (hopefully) develops and is put to use. Anything to improve communication is, in my book, well worth any effort!


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